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Color Correction

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  How Does Skin Tightening Work?

The combined energies of bi-polar radio frequency, heat energy + h.f. pulses are used to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles and improve facial contours. Heating the collagen in the dermal layers of the skin induces a natural biological reaction that causes it to contract and thicken. In addition the body encourages a second reaction to the heating of the dermis. This reaction is part of the body’s natural wound-healing response that provides a lasting skin-tightening effect by encouraging new collagen production. Also improves cell function, blood flow, elasticity and relaxes muscular contraction.



How many treatments will I need?


This depends on how much tightening the skin requires or on the extent of your lines and wrinkles. A course normally consists of 6 treatments.



Will it hurt?

  No, most people notice a gentle warming sensation but discomfort is rare.



When will I see the results?


You should notice some improvement right away, but more improvement within a month. However, the skin should continue to improve for several months afterwards as new collagen continues to be generated.



What product should I use?


Your Aesthetician will suggest a proper cream rich in peptides (which stimulates collagen) and SPF, to support the outer layer of your specific skin type.



Is it safe?

  Bi-polar RF treatment is safe and effective and has been used I medicine for decades.


  Acne Treatment

Studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of bi-polar RF and heat energy + HF pulses for the treatment of acne. The proposed mechanism is a modification of sebaceous glands by R.F.+ and neocollagenesis, leading to improvement of scars.

Also initiates free radical oxygen which kills and reduces the acne bacteria and at the same time reduces any associated scaring by building new collagen from beneath.



Color Correction


Treats age spots, uneven skin tone and sun-damaged skin.



R.F. Body Treatment


Radio frequency in skin tightening. The thin loose skin often found on the neck and upper arms are frequently treated with radio frequency. It is also excellent for firming skin on the abdomen, thighs, chest and breast.



Cellulite Treatment


Bi-polar radio frequency and heat energy for cellulite removal and body shaping. Radio frequency is used to heat the skin in a noninvasive cosmetic procedure. In turn, the fat tissue underneath the skin is heated and the collagen in the area under treatment is regenerated. Eventually the skin looks younger and more vital. In body shaping, radio frequency reduces the fat and tightens the skin on the abdomen, thighs and the hip.


Skin Treatments

Your skin will benefit from our relaxing aromatherapy massage, through deep pore cleansing, skin smoothing peel and soothing hydrating mask.

Deep Cleansing Facial with Massage
(customized to your skin type)

Algae Laminaria Strips
(Firming, moisturizing, and revitalizing treatment)

Ginseng Treatment
(Mature, sagging fatigued skin)

Hydro-Lifting Treatment
(Firming, hydration)

C-Spa Treatment

Collagen Treatment
(Anti-Aging Dermo-Corrector)
Anti Acne Treatment

Eye Treatment
Mini Facial

Glicolic Peel (20% - 40%)
(Reduces lines, scars, brown spots)

Non Surgical Face Lift

Firms and tones facial muscles, stimulates cellular regeneration, reduces and softens...

• Lines and Wrinkles
• Under Eye Bags
• Sagging Eyebrows
• Lip and Mouth Lines

• Jowls
• Neck Lines and Creases
• Aging Complexion
• Frown Lines

Results can be seen after the First treatment...


 (gentle and safe Bio-crystal Therapy)
The Treatments Benefit

• Fine Lines and Wrinkles
• Enlarged Pores
• Hyper - Pigmentation
• Smooth Skin Texture

• Acne Scars
• Stretch Marks
• Oily Skin
• Healthier Skin Condition

Body Treatments

Slim concept-total body shaping...
(slims, firms, tones, removes toxins)
Body Sliming & Firming
(leg/ buttocks, waist/ hips, breast / arms)
Cellulite Treatment
(reduces fatty deposits, cellulite,lymphatic drainage)
Back Treatment with Massage

Ultra Sound Skin Therapy

Ultra Sound specifically targets the deep layer of tissue by improving the skin structure and Strengthening connective tissue. Ultra Sound gradually tightens and firms the skin. *Remarkable wrinkle reduction *Highly effective therapy that spares plastic surgery Also complimentary Caviar Mask Caviar extract is rich in energizing substances (vitamins A, D, B, B2, and B6) nucleic acids, phospholipids, proteins and micro-elements as well as amino acids. Caviar extract will provide a smooth, velvety and bright looking skin.

Reiki Treatment

Relaxing Reiki Treatment
 • Stress reduction
 • Promote energy flow
 • Helps release emotions



Pamper Packages

The Princess Treatment
The Royal Treatment
Anti Stress Treatment



• STEP 1 Surface Cleansers & make-up removers
Hydramucine Cleansing Milk
(For normal dry and dehydrated skin)
Sensiderm Cleansing Milk
(Sensitive skin of all types)
Mild Cleansing Gel
(For normal to oily skin)
Deep Cleansing Solution
(For normal to oily skin)

• STEP 2 Exfoliation
Exfozyme (For all skin types)
Phytoaromatic gammage (For all skin types)
Intensive exfoliating gel (Exfoliates and firms)

• STEP 3 Treating Lotions
Hydramucine Lotion (Dehydrated skin of all types)
Sensiderm Lotion (Sensitive skin of all types)
Puractive Lotion (For normal to oily skin)

• STEP 4 Normal to dry skin
Lipiad Nourishing Complex
Nutrivital Cream
Nutriderm Cream

Normal to oily skin

Puractive Concentrate
Equilibrium Gel
Puractive Gel Cream
Phitoaromatic Mask

Skin Conditions

Rednes-Vasko-Tonic Concetrate
Sensitive Skin- Sensiderm Cream
Lightening Care- Luminance Concentrate

Dehydrated Skin

Hydramucine Concentrate, Creame & Mask
Hydramucine Optimal Creame & Gel

Acne-Pron Skin

Acne Complex
Derma Renewal Gel

Anti-Aging Care

Contour Corrector Eye Gel-Cream
Bota-Peptide Eye Contour Cream
Lip "Plumbing" Complex
Bota-Peptide 5 Concentrate
Retinol Advanced Cream+Matrixyl+Q10
Vitamin C: Active C Serum
Daily Ceramide Comfort
Native Collagen Gel
AHA- Derm Renewal Cream & Gel

Lifting & Firming Care

Visible Lifting Concentrate
Visible Lifting Cream

UVA & UVB Protection




Forty+ Filling System
(6 natural amino acids for the wrinkle treatment)
Amintamed for oily & impure skin
Wash, Tonic, Balance, Balm....
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