Reiki Treatments

Power of Reiki - Energy Work

                                                                             Plato, 427 - 347 B.C.

"I believe there exists One Supreme Being - the Absolute Infinite - a dynamic force that governs the world and the universe. I shall call it Reiki."

Reiki is the Japanese word for "Universal Life Force Energy." Energy flows through channels in our electromagnetic bodies supplying us, literally, with our life force energy. If I lay my hands on you to do the treatment, you will draw appropriate amounts of energy to whichever areas of your body need it. The energy enters at my crown chakra and passes through the upper energy centers to my heart and solar plexus. The rest then passes through my arms and hands to your body. It amplifies the life force energy in our body which then helps create balance in physical and etheric bodies.

The treatment is an extremely effective technique for total relaxation and stress release. Treatment also helps to release withheld emotions and energy blocks. All outcomes are different for every treatment, the healee being the determining factor in the net result. Each person draws in just the right amount of life force that he or she needs to release, activate, or transform the energy of the physical and etheric bodies. Reiki not only can effect change in the chemical structure of the body, it also helps balance on the mental level. It is only important to have desire to receive and accept the energy.

Reiki helps each individual release energy blocks and the connected emotions, which in turn helps the release of the causal level of disease. Reiki simply and very tenderly says, "It's okay, you can let go!"

Reiki is a wonderful tool to help one develop conscious awareness - the very key to enlightenment. As in most things in life, Reiki must be experienced to be appreciated.


Testimonial from Al:

I have had several Reiki treatments with Helen. The feeling of peacefulness and serenity that it produces is unbelievable. I actually fell into a brief sleep a few times during the session. There is a soothing heat that comes from Helen's hands that seems to relax muscles and relieve tension. One feels better physically and mentally after each treatment. This sensation of calmness and relaxation increases with each subsequent session. Unlike with medications, there are no side effects with Reiki. I would highly recommend Reiki, not only as a form of treatment but also as a natural "tonic" for body and mind.

Testimonial from Rae:

"Reiki, for me, was an enlightening experience. It took me a year to come to grips with my oldest sister's death. I was sad, often cried inwardly. With Reiki, I finally released the tension, the sadness and can now talk about my sister and remember the good times. I still miss her, but I no longer cray. I know, Helen, that you have healing hands and you, through Reiki, helped me overcome my inner demons.
I thank you Helen."

Testimonial from Dovile:

"I am truly grateful to Mrs Helen and her healing hands for bringing me peace and emotional stability. I was suffering from depression, anxiety and compulsive thoughts. To my surprise, only after just a few sessions, I was able to cry again; and I did not cry in few years. I was told that all negative emotions had to come out first and Reiki helped me to release all that built up pain inside. After that, all the healing began and I found such a relief and peacefulness. It was just an overall well-being that I hadn't felt in a long time. I am now able to face everyday stressful situations with a much more peaceful mind and positive attitude. I honestly believe that Reiki energy healing addresses the core of the illness together with its particular symptoms. And I cannot stress enough how grateful I am to Mrs Helen for the peace of mind I am experiencing at the moment."

Testimonial from Jeanette:

As an intuitive and focused healer, Helen created a safe and supportive environment within which I was able to be open and receptive to healing. On more than one occasion, Helen's Reiki treatment advanced my recovery from corneal transplant surgery to back pain. I am grateful to Helen for her generous spirit and loving care.

Testimonial from Adela:

I have heard about Reiki and experienced it times and again. After a session with Helen I felt light as a snow flake , recharged and peaceful. She is highly intuitive in her approach and you will find yourself positively charged emotionally and physically. I highly recommend her as a Reiki practitioner.

Testimonial from J Rayas

After receiving Reiki I have experienced the following:
1) Better sleep
2) Weight lifted from my shoulder (stress, anxiety)
3) More energy every day
4) No more emotional eating. I now only eat when hungry. No more snacking.
5) More happiness as each day passes.
6) I do not want to hear negative comments from family, friends and I change
negative to positive when this happens (change subject to something positive).

Thank you Helen, for changing my life.

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